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RAMUS’ digital content creation takes the world of new media and video art to another level. Compelling, beautiful slow-moving imagery, our content ranges from hand-drawn animations to abstract and figurative generative art, high resolution cinematic, data-driven, textural and ambient content.

We see content as a means of communication, whereby individuals and communities can express, telling their stories of past, present and future.

Our Work

We consider the content canvas anything where light and digital media can be seen. As such our ‘digital canvas’ can range in size according to the size of the building or space we are working with.

Content for these spaces needs to be custom created, to fit the requirements of the screen resolution. Some examples of our recent content projects include:

Digital Canvas: The Star Sydney

20 hours of 8K custom content which included RAMUS produced cinematic content showcasing the light and movement of Sydney (sunrises, harbour views, landscapes and beaches and drones footage) as well as the works of local and international artists, animators and cinematographers. Content is scheduled according to the ebb and flow of the foyer, and responds to human movement, day of week and time of day.
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Yagan Square

A light and media installation built in collaboration with the Noongar Aboriginal community in Perth, Australia and a central feature in the Yagan Square precinct sees a high-resolution 30m cylindrical wraparound screen and set of 14 digital ‘reeds’ embedded with moving LEDs standing 63m-tall, displaying locally produced, high-resolution cinematic content.
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Federation Square: Digital Canvas

A project transforming an iconic Melbourne landmark into a 5 story digital canvas presenting the civic voice of the city as a curated content program. Consisting of 850 LED panels and 4 million pixels that make up a 5K public screen.
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Our Team

In order to bring a story to life, the RAMUS team works with each project to understand the background of a site and what makes it unique. The team then get to work – combining old-world storytelling with the latest in digital media content creation. This takes a lot of skills and a typical project team comprises of animators, interactive designers, film editors, system designers, cinematographers, curators, performers, musicians and artists.

Our Approach

RAMUS’ design approach is unique, drawn from curatorial principles in contemporary art practice. RAMUS considers, develops, commissions and curates specific content for each project. Once the content platform has been determined and the content type either created or curated, the team then enter the Post-Production phase where editing, prototyping, pre-visualising and processing prepare for the final Programming stage.

After a project has been live for some time it is possible to revisit and refresh content. RAMUS can be commissioned to manage the production of new content on an ongoing basis.

At the start of each project the team begin by defining what type of content is needed when:

  • Ambient

    Ambient content is abstract and defines the look and feel of the platform. It establishes a sense of place as it is usually influenced by site-specific narratives that tell of the landscape, culture and society.
  • Interactive

    We create engaging, data-driven content to connect the artwork and the viewer. Interactive content interprets gestures that influence the narrative, reacting to touch, movement or gesture. Interactive content can also express the environment, reacting to external forces such as the weather, tides, or the ebb and flow of people.
  • Curated

    Content creation led by RAMUS’ curatorial team, is designed by established and emerging artists specifically selected for each project. We produced curated, site-specific content for two of Australia’s most iconic urban spaces, Yagan Square and Federation Square.
  • Event

    RAMUS produces seasonal celebratory content that creates moments for spectacle and connection, giving the client a platform to acknowledge and participate in community festivities.

“A spectacular canvas for colourful abstract lighting patterns, and more refined digital images that reference the site’s environmental history and value as an Indigenous place.”


Content Highlights

Heaven’s in Here

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We completed a world-first permanent immersive experience – which is part-light, part-water, part-interactive art gallery.

The immersive experience stems from a 25m, 8k resolution, interactive digital canvas. Curated to the human rhythm, the canvas expresses Sydney’s light and movement through the digital artworks of local and international artists, animators and cinematographers.

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Melbourne content series commissioned for Federation Square.


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360 landscape views of Perth.

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We were granted the opportunity to animate the powerful works of one of the foremost Noongar artists, Shane Pickett, for a site-specific content series for Yagan Square.

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