Light Sculpture & Art Installation


Some spaces call for an artwork that brings light to darkness, a form that reflects the pulse and energy of a community. RAMUS produces large-scale sculptural light artworks that stand-alone or splay across building facades, bringing people and communities together through a shared memorable experience.

Our Work

RAMUS works with architectural and urban design teams building new or refurbished public spaces and commercial precincts. Designed to respond to the environment around them RAMUS light sculptures are large-scale works of art.

Some recent light artwork projects include:

Helix Tree

An interactive kinetic sculpture in the form of a 17-meter tall ‘tree’ of light and steel, activated by singing Melbourne choirs and the local community to create their own unique display by ‘singing’ the tree to life.
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Living Art

A collaboration between nature and light in Queensland, where a row of palm trees has been transformed into an impressive 10 metre high x 20-metre wide low-resolution screen.
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Enlighten was an engaging live art installation that combined performance with projection lighting. Moving and static light fixtures were embedded in each cube, along with vertical light beams projected into the night sky.
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Our Team

RAMUS’ team brings a diverse mix of disciplines that enrich the design & construction process of each artwork. Talent spans:

  • Artistic & Creative Direction
  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Construction Project Management
  • Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Lighting suppliers & manufacturers
  • Sound & System design
  • Animators
  • Interactive designers
  • Film editors


Our Approach

RAMUS collaborates with each client to define the brief, requirements and parameters of possibility for a space. Throughout a light sculpture project we look to:

  • Tell a story

    By seeking out narratives and understanding features unique to the site the team ensure each work is meaningfully connected to the space or place.
  • Day and night

    Our works fully consider a daylight viewing experience enriching the surrounding landscape regardless of the time of day.
  • Community Engagement

    From weather-reactive light artworks, to voice-activated and kinetic light sculptures, we look at bringing engagement and interaction into each piece.
  • Automate or Curate

    Our projects are driven using our custom media management platform called CORE – this enables works to be automated, updated remotely and even facilitates regular curation of fresh or seasonal content.
  • Engagement

    Our light sculptures are designed to transform environments into unforgettable experiences, inviting audiences to explore their own reflection through the work.

“The inspiration already exists within a space. We see our role is to unveil and nurture the work into life.”

Bruce Ramus


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