CORE Control System


RAMUS’ vision is powered by CORE: a bespoke media and lighting control system developed by RAMUS that meets the requirements of highly specialised digital media and lighting projects. CORE operates at the heart of each solution, bringing visionary concepts to life. RAMUS designs the vision, CORE conducts the show.



CORE is a powerful, scalable lighting control system and media server in one. It is made of high-performance, commercial-grade hardware and custom-built media management software. With so many digital media and lighting inputs and outputs involved in each project, CORE acts as a conductor, streamlining lighting and digital media cues and creating total control for the client.

Our Team

When RAMUS first set out to create projects that had never been envisioned before, they were quick to realise a large scale lighting and media management system didn’t yet exist in the market. The solution – build it. Luminous Darling Quarter was the first project to integrate CORE, which became the world’s largest permanent interactive light façade, responding to touch on connected user interfaces.

  • Become the show director, or safely hand the influence over to your audience. Schedule user-generated content, invite artists to add animations and rest assured that changes and updates will not break the system.
  • Update and schedule media content according to specific cues. Cue calming content for the morning and evening, and energising content for the day. Cues can include time of day, hours, special events, automatic on and off operation, static and interactive modes.
  • CORE’s lighting control capabilities can adapt with time. Make a static work interactive, make a touch-interactive artwork react to crowd interactivity, add undiscovered capabilities in the future
  • Maintain layers of security without supervision. Use in-built moderated user access to maintain the system and give users specific levels of control. Maintenance teams can access lighting control hardware only, content creators can upload content when needed.
  • RAMUS offers a curatorial content refresh program. RAMUS can access CORE to update content and refresh content for specific time periods or celebratory days, as commissioned by the client.

Since Luminous, RAMUS has continued to develop and integrate CORE into ten years of bespoke projects, from interactive light installations, to public art platforms. The system is an integral element to RAMUS’ multidisciplinary projects.

Our Approach

CORE is the interactive media and lighting control system that empowers technologists and designers to create innovative, unique works at the intersection of art and technology. RAMUS built CORE to make sure the end design is as compelling as the first vision.

CORE performs these functions:

  • Turns data into design

    The system receives all formats of digital and lighting content, from video, to animations and lighting cues and translates them into design direction.
  • Makes content interactive

    Receiving sensor information and data feeds, the lighting control system makes animations and surfaces come to life.
  • Unique to the project

    individually bundled, installed and programmed by RAMUS’ technical team. In the lifecycle of a project, CORE development begins in concept and grows with the work.
  • Gives you control

    By sorting and perfecting commands, the system can provide highly customisable, spectacular experiences.
  • Is adaptive

    From large-scale architectural light facades to digital art installations, CORE acts as a lighting ‘remote control’, which means the work can be adapted at any moment, or scheduled to operate independently.
  • Operation supported with RAMUS care

    RAMUS provides end-user documentation and training as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

"The aim of CORE is to remove bottlenecks and make technology invisible. CORE allows us to focus on building a vision with our clients on “I want to…” rather than “How do I?”

- Dave Hayes, Design Director


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