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Light as a human-created spectacle has delighted and enthralled us throughout history, be it fire, fireworks, neon or more recently the evolution of projection and LED. Today light can be both entertainment and a powerful communication tool, and a well designed light show can create space for the human imagination to play.

Our Work

RAMUS designs light shows at a global scale producing sculptural and kinetic stage designs that combine light, digital media, music and performance to create both permanent and temporary spectacles.

Some of our light show projects include:

Uluru: Wintjiri Wiru

Wintjiri Wiru is the telling of a chapter of the ancient ‘Mala’ story of the Anangu people, the traditional owners of Uluru. Guided by the elders of the Anangu and in collaboration with our client Voyages Indigenous Tourism, RAMUS proposed a creative story telling platform utilising drones, lasers, projections, lights and sound to communicate this ancient story to share with the world.
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Lunar New Year Show

Each evening the entire Grand Foyer transforms into an immersive light experience featuring an 8K 25 meter curved digital screen showcasing creative content. The screen combined with choreographed lasers, water and LED programmed ceiling and walls, all move to a bespoke musical soundtrack.
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Show: U2 Zoo TV

Four touring shows including ‘Pop Mart’, ‘Elevation’, ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Zoo TV’, named by Rolling Stone Magazine as “one of the greatest shows of the last 50 years”.
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Show: R.E.M

Two groundbreaking shows ‘Monster’ and ‘Up’ that toured the world to great acclaim culminating in ‘Rock in Rio’.
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Show: U2

Show: Guy Sebastian

Our Team

RAMUS’ origins are in international lighting direction and stage design. The studio was founded by an expert light show designer and director, who has toured the world with ground-breaking music artists.

Bruce Ramus, Founder and Artistic Director, began his career in the live music industry at nineteen and his international touring experience has spanned 30 years.  Bruce has designed and directed light shows for artists such as David Bowie, James Brown, Bryan Adams, David Byrne, Guy Sebastian, R.E.M. and U2.

Bruce’s international lighting design background complements the diverse RAMUS Studio team expertise. Together the team create lighting design projects for stage shows and concerts producing live extravaganzas, permanent features and one-off performances that are totally unique, compelling and unforgettable.

Our project team includes artists, design engineers, LED manufacturers, animators interactive designers, software and systems developers, cinematographers, film editors, sound and lighting engineers, music composers and production managers, – who all bring their own range of expertise to each project.

Past shows produced by RAMUS have also drawn from specialist disciplines such as choreography performance, costume design and water hydraulics professionals who join forces with our in-house experts.

Our Approach

The magic of RAMUS light shows lie in our ability to produce spectacular site specific experiences supported by innovative technical precision. When commencing a new project the following are our key considerations:

  • The Story

    We work in collaboration with all stakeholders to explore, play and develop a cohesive creative narrative reflective of the site, history and community.
  • The Stage

    We integrate, accentuate and/or dematerialise built forms in order for the architecture or natural environment to become the stage and backdrop through which we tell the story.
  • The Elements

    LEDS, lasers, projections, music, water, performance, interactive/ cinematic/animatic content. Our show incorporates a comprehensive set of elements needed to communicate the depth and integrity of the story.
  • The Technology

    Due to the innovative nature of our designs we often need to develop technology and methodologies and invent lighting fixtures. Our CORE control system sits at the heart of designs acting as the conductor to bring all of our elements together.

    RAMUS combines expansive vision, detailed technical execution and a passion for light in all its applications.

“Bruce brought a completely new vision and perspective to our project that we’ve never had before.”

Dugal Mackie, Senior Project Manager, The Star. Ramus


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