Lunar New Year Show

In celebration of Lunar New Year, The Star Sydney asked us to create a spectacular show, combining the elements of light, digital art, performance and water.

  • Year2020
  • LocationSydney, Australia
  • ClientThe Star Entertainment Group
  • AERIALISTSJulie Cameron, Eliza Goslett, Matilda Goslett
  • Interested?Contact Us

We responded by designing a show that celebrates light, life and abundance. Inspired by movements, visuals and rituals that welcome renewal and the light of the New Year, the show expresses 15 days of Lunar New Year celebration.

The digital canvas at the centre of the foyer responds to the show in real-time. Visual content from the canvas extends beyond its crescent shape and into the light fixtures throughout the foyer. A 13m-tall programmable artwork of falling water cascades down through the centre of the space, becoming a moving canvas for light, laser and projections, combined with three aerialists, who will perform a unique 8 minute show.

Three purpose-built illustrated lanterns fill the space with soft, radiant light. The lanterns were produced by Thomas Creative in collaboration with creatives on RAMUS’ team, illustrator Lauren Brand and designer Toya Ricci.

Artistic Director Bruce Ramus produced the show, with 30 years’ show direction experience working with the world’s top artists, such as David Bowie, U2 and R.E.M.

Entering a moonlit landscape, the aerialists carry the light of the new year, warding off the darkness. To herald new beginnings, the aerialists take to their silks, alighting the lanterns and filling the space with light that envelops the audience. Ink paintings were hand-painted and animated by Pablo Tochez-Anderson, which meld and dissolve on the digital canvas, evoking blossoms and the abundance of spring. The show evolves to a soundtrack purposefully created by Catherine Wood.

We produced a Lunar New Year Show inspired by movements, visuals and rituals that welcome renewal and the light of the Lunar New Year. See this show each night in The Star Sydney Grand Foyer until Sunday 16 February.

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