Interior Lighting Design


RAMUS designs immersive interior lighting experiences that shape meaningful moments within the built environment. We rethink the next generation of interior spaces.

Our Work

RAMUS works within commercial interiors, to carefully consider the connection between architecture, light and people, producing designs that take human-centred experiences to the next level.

Some examples of recent interior lighting design projects include:

George Place

This Sydney landmark foyer was illuminated using programmable LEDs to outline skylights and wall panels. Light between the large stonework creates the illusion of floating stone. The interior lighting design articulates the architecture of the environment, creating space and enhancing the human experience.
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Digital Canvas: The Star Sydney

20 hours of 8K custom content which included RAMUS produced cinematic content showcasing the light and movement of Sydney (sunrises, harbour views, landscapes and beaches and drones footage) as well as the works of local and international artists, animators and cinematographers. Content is scheduled according to the ebb and flow of the foyer, and responds to human movement, day of week and time of day.
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This data-driven artwork, initially appears as an impressive painted canvas on the South Wall of the lobby of 2 Southbank Boulevard. At closer inspection this huge ‘digital painting’ made up of 5k LED screen interprets tide data captured in St Kilda and uses it to articulate a 24-hour animation of tidal rhythms. Throughout the day, the tide visually swells and dissipates, creating a gentle continual shifting movement reflective of the coming and goings within the lobby.
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Café Sydney

Designing and producing 15 twenty-minute abstract and ambient lighting sequences, we created an atmosphere and visual mood that enhances this iconic Sydney landmark restaurant and adds movement, depth and dimension.
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Our Team

RAMUS works with architects, builders and interior designers to envision deeply human spaces. Our team includes lighting experts from across a number of creative realms like light art and entertainment through to technical engineering, professional installers and project managers. Collaboration is essential.


Our Approach

RAMUS delivers end-to-end interior lighting solutions, and we have a unique approach which goes beyond just functional solutions.

  • People-Centric

    Light is a powerful way to communicate the mood or ‘feel’ of a space. Our designs seek to support the activity of people as they move within a space throughout the course of a day, complimenting human rhythms and without imposition.
  • Immersive

    We use varying light and media applications to animate and accentuate the built environment, designing and integrating these technologies to create signature immersive experiences.
  • Integrated

    Our custom CORE control system seamlessly integrates with all light and media applications to create a coordinated and flexible installation that can be scheduled to play a series of ‘shows’ appropriate to low and high traffic or special event times.

"Considered lighting design is critical to creating immersive interior experiences that encourage people to stop, reflect and engage with the space around them."

Bruce Ramus


RAMUS designs immersive interior lighting experiences that shape meaningful moments within the built environment.

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