George Place

George Place lighting was designed to enhance the human experience. We collaborated with NDYlight to deliver an integrated lighting design for 345-363 George St foyer, a place where people rest, meet and restore.

  • Year2018
  • LocationSydney, Australia
  • ClientISPT
  • Lighting design, programming, control systemRAMUS
  • ArchitectsFender Katsalidis
  • PhotographyRohan Venn
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Programmable LEDs outline skylights and wall panels throughout the foyer. Illuminating with the ebb and flow of human rhythms, deeply considered lighting cues adjust colour and light levels to complement the time of day.

During busy commuter times, the illumination experience is vividly coloured and light moves quickly across the space. In times of relaxation (afternoon, night) hues shift to slow-moving, calming, ambient combinations to complement the change in peoples’ pace.

This lighting design is part of a significant redevelopment at 345 and 363 George Street and 24 York Street. The development seamlessly integrates a new centralised super lobby for the precinct called George Place. The redevelopment needed a connective space that was progressive and inviting, steering away from the typically closed frontages and facades that once dominated the area.

This illumination supports the flow of movement and energy within the space, creating beautiful, fleeting moments for people who enter and move through the lobby.

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