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Our stadium lighting design goes beyond functionality, becoming integral to the fan experience. Great stadium lighting can immerse an audience in the excitement and intensity, adding to the shared experience. RAMUS has been designing large scale light installations and shows for over a decade. Our stadium lighting expertise stretches the entire build project – from early concepts through to final programming, and even ongoing updates and maintenance.

Our Work

Our recent project Optus Stadium in Perth, won 20 international awards, including
The ‘most beautiful stadium in the world’ in prestigious Prix Versailles International Architecture Awards
The Australian Construction Achievement Award
The Tekla Global BIM Award for Best Sports & Recreation Project
The Australian and New Zealand Sports Technology Award for Stadium and Venue Technology.

Our global achievements come down to one aim – to create meaningful fan engagement.

Optus Stadium

The 15,000-strong LED lighting system at Optus Stadium in Perth is the biggest of its kind in the world. Our custom-built control system, CORE sits at the heart of the operations, channelling each command across thousands of lights.
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We worked with Electrolight to design and produce a number of content sequences displayed on the AAMI park roof.
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Our Team

Artistic Director and Light Artist Bruce Ramus leads the team and has over thirty years’ experience in stadium lighting design, directing some of the world’s largest concert lighting shows.

Now, as the principle of RAMUS Illumination, Bruce works with our team of lighting design specialists to tackle projects of immense proportions.

Many of the technical evolutions made in Bruce’s show direction days with U2, R.E.M and David Bowie, revolutionised live concert technology and are the basis of many lighting solutions we see today.

Our Approach

RAMUS works with architectural lighting and design teams to build world-class stadium designs. We focus on a number of aspects of stadium lighting design:

  • Holistic Integration

    We work with architects and urban designers to consider the ephemeral qualities of lighting design to the whole stadium and urban masterplan.
  • Purpose in Light

    Lighting is not just aesthetic, good lighting design can subtly or directly help way-find punters in the stadium navigation plan.
  • Art and Colour

    We use light to help bring life and colour into the landscape through light sculptures and public artworks forming a key part of the media architecture.
  • Customisable Control

    Our technical team equips every new stadium with a multipurpose lighting control system called CORE. This choreographs every fixture and media screen, becoming the masterful ‘show director’, sequencing signals and tailoring commands to thousands of LED lights and digital screens stadium wide.
  • Automation

    We allow facility management to set the experience and let the system perform, so those teams can do what they do best – host world-class events.
  • The Fan Experience

    We carefully consider the whole fan journey, from the moment they enter the arena in anticipation, to the electric atmosphere at the heart of the stadium, to the settling experience as fans leave with unforgettable memories.

"We design specialist stadium lighting that not only makes sports, concerts and communal events look incredible but leaves a powerful impression on each individual that lasts a lifetime."

Bruce Ramus


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