Uluru: Wintjiri Wiru

Wintjiri Wiru, RAMUS designed & produced drone, light and sound show in the heart of Australia.

  • Year2023
  • LocationNorthern Territory
  • ClientVoyages Indigenous Tourism Australia
  • Indigenous Consultation, Show Narration, Inma PerformancesAṉangu Working Group
  • Drone SupplierNova Sky Stories
  • Drone OperatorSwarming Drones
  • ConstructionFredBuild
    CBS Civil, Brian Blakeman Surveys, CE Group, DreamTech
  • ConsultantsGHD, Andrew Schubert, Pulse White Noise, Paul Hinkly, DreamMedia, Davis Consultants, Douglas Partners, Pixall
  • Suppliers B&R Enclosures, ULA, Panasonic, Bluebottle, Xenian, Lumina Visual Productions, Buckford
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Wintjiri Wiru is the telling of a chapter of the ancient Mala story of the Anangu people, the traditional owners of Uluru. Guided by the elders of the Anangu and in collaboration with our client Voyages Indigenous Tourism, RAMUS proposed a creative story telling platform utilising drones, lasers, projections, lights and sound to communicate this ancient story to share with the world.

Using the expanse of the central desert and the majestic night skies of Uluru as the theatrical canvas, Wintjiri Wiru showcases breath-taking visual imagery that dances across the desert floor and rises up to 200 metres in the sky accompanied by indigenous narration and Inma (songs) over a beautifully spacious musical soundtrack.

Wintjiri Wiru is groundbreaking as a world first permanent installation with its use of multiple cutting-edge technologies in challenging environmental conditions, where ‘treading lightly’ has been the mantra of the project from go to completion.

We have been honoured to work with the Anangu, the traditional owners of Uluru and our client Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia who together bravely took the steps to lead and develop this world first experience.

Great works such as this take many hands and open, willing hearts. We are privileged to have worked with many highly skilled and talented individuals and organisations dedicated in their commitment to see this project come to life with the integrity with which it was seeded.

Wintjiri Wiru launched on May 10 and will be playing nightly throughout the year. For enquiries and bookings please head to


“We are delighted to be working with RAMUS through their light installations, projections, lasers and incredible drone technology, which coupled with the spine-tingling soundtrack of the Anangu inma, brings connection through a shared memorable experience. We hope the Wintjiri Wiru show will nourish visitors’ thirst for a deeper spiritual connection with this very special part of Australia.”

Matthew Cameron-Smith, CEO, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia

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