Show: U2

U2 Show Lighting Direction

  • Year1992-2007
  • LocationInternational
  • Design TeamWillie Williams, Mark Fisher, Bruce Ramus, Catherine Owens, Stefaan Desmedt
  • Show DirectionWillie Williams, Bruce Ramus
  • SuppliersLSD LA, XL Video, Stageco
  • FabricatorsTait Towers, Brilliant Staging, Stageco, Innovative Design
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As a key part of the design team for the visual expression of this seminal band for over 14 years, RAMUS helped develop a culture of innovation and design excellence.

1992-1993  Zoo TV Tour

1997  Popmart Tour

2001  Elevation Tour

2006-2007  Vertigo Tour

The message of U2’s music was communicated through light, moving imagery, and show direction to create an unforgettable, moving experience for the artist and the viewer.

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