Curated: Shane Pickett

We were granted the opportunity to animate the powerful works of one of the foremost Noongar artists, Shane Pickett, for a site-specific content series for Yagan Square.

  • Year2018
  • LocationPerth
  • ProjectYagan Square
  • Programmingiion
  • AnimationPablo Tochez-Anderson
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“Every river, every tree, every rock is important, as the Dreaming runs through them connecting all things, including mankind. These are the energy paths of the Dreaming and they are never meant to be broken, never meant to fail.”
-Shane Pickett

We had the honour of working closely with Shane Pickett’s estate to animate one of the artist’s powerful works. As one of the foremost Noongar artists, we saw the importance of animating and enlivening this work for Yagan Square’s digital art platform.

Animator Pablo Tochez-Anderson brought a painterly quality to the digital reinterpretation. “The learning process we undertook in understanding Shane Pickett’s work, from Shane’s family and culture, allowed us to respectfully represent the work’s intricate depth and connection to land.”

While deconstructing and recreating the painting, Pablo always reflected on Shane Pickett’s quote.

Now live at Yagan Square.

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