Yagan Square

Our connected lighting and digital media contribution adds to a spirited, all-embracing environment.

  • Year2018
  • LocationPerth, Australia
  • ClientMRA, Lyons Architects
  • Light and video design, visual content production and curation, programming, control systemRAMUS
  • LED SuppliersLight Application
  • Digital Screen suppliersCorporate Initiatives
  • AdvisorsWhadjuk Nyoongar Group, led by Richard Walley
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We designed four integrated light and digital installations to deepen the culturally inclusive narrative. The first two low-resolution displays were integrated into the amphitheatre canopies. Light skinned surfaces above and below each canopy, an element inspired by the historical lake system that ran through the CBD until the 1800s.

This public gathering place commemorates the Aboriginal warrior, Yagan. In collaboration with the Noongar community through the Whadjuk Working Party, cultural identity runs deep into the design, public artworks, landscaping and lighting experience, forming a connected essence in Yagan Square.

We designed a digital tower to be the connective element of the precinct. A set of 63m-tall digital ‘reeds’ embedded with moving LEDs represent 14 Noongar tribes. Each reed displays content that complements content the tower display below, a high-resolution 30m cylindrical wraparound screen, 14m high.

We set the foundational content rhythm and produced content rooted in the unique identity of the site. We partnered with SAE Creative Media Institute students to produce fresh, vibrant and meaningful content for Yagan Square’s digital tower.

Building an inclusive cultural identity into our designs was imperative for Yagan Square. Our intention was to contribute to a restful, reflective and explorative space for future generations.

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