The Pipes

Our latest digital art installation is The Pipes, an immersive digital forest of visuals and soundscapes unique to this environment.

  • Year2019
  • TITLEThe Pipes
  • LocationPrahran, Melbourne
  • ClientCity of Stonnington
  • ArchitectureLyons Architecture
  • ArtistRAMUS, Material Thinking with Christopher Williams and Catherine Wood
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Our digital art installation was inspired by Prahran’s environment and history, mixed with the possibilities we could collaboratively envision for this new civic space. The Pipes form an immersive digital forest, consisting of visuals and a soundscape unique to Prahran that gently calls, welcomes and beckons people into the space.

A 24-hour content rhythm was curated to the space. Slowly evolving, visual textures were drawn from the surrounding area and mixed with abstract expressions of light. Dynamically generated scenes are spread across The Pipes.  Calming scenes of the ocean, wetlands, forest and the desert slowly move and respond to the time of day, season, weather and movement of people around the poles base. Lingering soundscapes of birds, street sounds, textile production and water sampled from the local area fill the space. Lastly, at noon, the familiar ‘Cooee’ can be heard.

28 11m-tall interconnected poles were dispersed through four corners of Prahran Square. Each pole is covered in thin panels of high-res LEDs. Every moment presents a new immersive experience.

This immersive work offers a feeling of respite from the busy pace of the surrounding area, creating a gentle space where people can pause, reflect and connect with one another.

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