Flame Tree

Digital meets nature in the loveliest of ways in the Flame Tree installation, a four storey LED display cascading through the internal void of PwC’s innovative working space at Melbourne’s Riverside Quay building.

  • Year2016
  • LocationMelbourne, Australia
  • ClientPWC
  • Flame Tree Design, Project Management, Software development, ProgrammingRAMUS
  • Interior DesignFuturespace
  • Supply and InstallationAdherettes
  • Electrical InstallationFredon
  • Interested?Contact Us

The 21 metre LED canvas and luminous fabric ceiling panels of acid etched glass diffusion and printed graphic, present a magical digital window into the seasonal cycles of a flame tree, playing out over an entire year. Digital stems and leaves grow, change colour and fall, in spring the dazzling red of the blossoms appear while Australian wildlife make cameo appearances against the backdrop of subtle weather changes.

Connection to weather updates from the Bureau of Meteorology provide a reflection of the prevailing weather outside and shown on the artwork. The motion of the tree, the weather patterns across the sky and the various seasonal animals reflect an artistic interpretation of a real-time event, adding an innovative, natural worldly feel to the space.

On the ground floor a wombat shuffles into sight, pausing at the base of an Illawarra flame tree majestic and alive with colour. A PwC executive walks the stairs to the third floor, stopping to watch cockatoos play amongst the branches then lift off into a brilliant blue sky.

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