Many Hands Make Light Work

Many Hands Make Light Work was a special installation that spoke to our shared experience of light as energy in our bodies. The installation was produced for our digital wall at Central Park Mall in Sydney. We invited visitors to place a hand on a glowing glass dome, which sent a stylised scan of their handprint to the digital wall.

  • Year2016
  • LocationSydney, Australia
  • ClientCentral Park Mall
  • concept, community engagement design, art directionRAMUS
  • CollaboratorsPhilip Poronnik and students – University of Sydney, School of Medical Sciences Jim Cook and students – University of Sydney Innovation and Technology Lab John Taylor and students – Sydney Conservatorium of Music (University of Sydney) Marcus Dillon, Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney)
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The scans created an image of the unique physical characteristics of each handprint, each scan contributing to a growing light-emitting planet of hands. Artistic Director Bruce Ramus worked in collaboration with the University of Sydney staff, students and developers from Sydney Conservatorium of Music, School of Medical Sciences, Sydney College of Art and the ICT Tech lab.

The data used to create the scan generated a personalised sound scape, an audible handprint. You could hear the sound of your handprint as the scan uploaded to the digital wall. A printout from the dome provided a link to download both the handprint and soundtrack.

This project was supported by the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney.

We aimed to connect people through this wonderous experience. The Many Hands Make Light Work planet currently consists of over 4,000 hand prints.

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