Still Light

Introducing Still Light. Featuring 1,136 metres of light and hours of visual content, the installation gently radiates to encourage a slower rhythm in Melbourne’s CBD. The structure of glass and steel seems to gently move, and even occasionally disappear, as the lights deliberately dematerialise its form on the Melbourne skyline.

  • Year2021
  • LocationMelbourne, Australia
  • ClientsQIC, Dexus
  • ArchitectWoods Bagot
  • Lighting, Media Architecture Design and ContentRAMUS
  • CORE Control SystemRAMUS/iion
  • BuildersBrookfield Multiplex
  • Building Services EngineersAECOM
  • Interested?Contact Us

42-storeys of light spans across a faceted glass façade, articulating the architectural features and creating the sense of a graceful, glinting movement. Still Light was inspired by naturally occurring moments of light seen in the gas lamps that historically lined Collins St. The light patterns in the façade reflect and refract like facets of a cut diamond.

RAMUS developed a geometric layout that follows the facets, using three distinct sets of line-work; vertical, horizontal and diagonal. As we began to develop the content, we saw that the single element was much stronger than the combinations, and gave an abstract, non-linear interpretation of the building, as if the glints and reflections were being produced organically.

When examined carefully, the artwork displays low-resolution animation with each individual light fixture programmed by RAMUS’ creative team.  As the light pattern moves, it shifts the buildings’ appearance in ways that balance the scale of the skyscraper with an intimacy that can be felt for kilometres.­­

Still Light consists of 1,136m of individually mapped LED fixtures and RAMUS’ custom-built software platform called CORE. This bespoke control system operates each light fixture and integrates the content into a dynamic self-adjusting schedule that allows the building to respond to the different rhythms of the city.

Still Light brings a calming energy. It slows the pace and gently beckons people back into the CBD.”

– Bruce Ramus

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