Introducing Intersection which heralds a new age in skyscraper design.

  • Year2022
  • LocationMelbourne, Australia
  • ClientsPOLY
  • ARCHITECTWoods Bagot
  • CORE Control SystemRAMUS/iion
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Situated adjacent to bustling Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s CBD, Intersection at 1000 La Trobe represents the movement of people and cultures. This daily flow formed the inspiration for the piece.

As trains move into and out of the nearby station arriving from greater Victoria, the lights reflect that movement using live data points. The unique programming of each LED enables the stunning effect of the trailing light, a signal of the movement that has just been.

Bruce Ramus, RAMUS studio Artistic Director, said “Our approach brings a quality of light and movement to the Digital Harbour precinct.”

Intersection is a true reflection of subtlety, delivered with impact thanks to the scale of the 22-story skyscraper. In the urban environment where competing light noise is everywhere, the intention with this work is to offer a sophisticated subtlety to compliment the architecture.

Thousands of high resolution LEDs facilitate subtle colour temperature changes and gradient of movement. The piece is visible both day and night, giving 1000 La Trobe a unique 24-hour expression within the Docklands urban landscape.

1000 La Trobe was a collaboration between Woods Bagot and Poly.

“As an artwork, Intersection is comprised of two integrated elements. The first is its form, and the second is the visual content that activates it. We have developed both of these elements in consideration of the key narratives that guide the Intersection commission, that of integration, innovation, tracks and connection.”

– Bruce Ramus

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