Presenting Flow. An urban renewal activation which honours water: the life blood of our communities.

  • Year2022
  • LocationVictoria, Australia
  • ClientsWyndham City Council
  • CORE Control SystemRAMUS/iion
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RAMUS transformed a 27m local landmark water tower in Tarneit, Victoria from an industrial facility to a spectacular night time urban art activation showcasing the movement of light and water.

Where water moves, people move. The RAMUS team drew inspiration from the site itself, which supplies water to the entire greater western Melbourne area. The tower acts as the beating heart to a huge network of subterranean veins which are responsible for delivering water to the community.

RAMUS provided a turnkey solution from design, installation, content production and programming. The urban art project was sponsored by stakeholders from Wyndham City Council, Greater Western Water, and Melbourne Water. It is a great example of affordable placemaking by local councils to enrich the community and represent a vibrant civic ecosystem.

“This project shows how a community can be creatively represented, utilising a landmark structure as a platform for visual expression.”

– Bruce Ramus

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