As the sun sets across the Carnarvon fascine, a simple, elegant sculpture gently illuminates.

  • Year2023
  • LocationCarnarvon, Western Australia
  • ClientsMargaret Seaton, Shire of Carnarvon, Government of Western Australia.
  • Project Manager Justine Campbell Lawler
  • Fabrication & installation Arkco Engineering & Carnarvon Engineering
  • Lighting Supply Bluebottle
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Eclipse, designed by RAMUS is Carnarvon’s newest public artwork, commemorating the solar eclipse of April 2023.

Standing at 3 metres in diameter, a robust corten and stainless-steel ring with embedded programmable LED strip lights, Eclipse was designed to be a simple, elegant work that is an engaging sculpture during the day, and a powerful night-time representation of the light of Carnarvon.

Photo Credit: Astro Photography Australia_Roger Groom

“An eclipse, usually associated with overshadowing or dimming, bids us to observe the occasion as not a shroud or covering but the focus of what illuminates from beyond so that there is no outshining, rather the element of being held and illuminated from where we all connect. ”

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