Pixelwave is a bespoke sculptural light installation that offers a gentle, yet vibrant reflection at Bankstown Sports Club.

  • Year2013
  • LocationNew South Wales, Australia
  • ClientPaynter Dixon
  • Concept, Content, Canopy and Lighting DesignRAMUS
  • FabricationThomas Creative
  • RiggingTri Point
  • Lighting SupplyXenian
  • Interested?Contact Us

Spanning across the ceiling of the gaming room the installation shimmers in the natural light. Consisting of four 25m polycarbonate curves, covered in gold vinyl with flecks of coloured transparency placed at random intervals, the forms reflect and refract light to project a colourful kaleidoscope on surrounding surfaces.

At night, the LED colour palette reflects the overall sports club interior design and harmoniously contributes to the existing design language of the space.

Our design intention was to create a sense of intimacy and interest within the space, while establishing a colourful link between the interior design and the distinctive reflective qualities of the sports club glass ceiling.

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