Luminous Darling Quarter

In collaboration with Lend Lease, Ramus created Luminous – the world’s largest interactive light display in Darling Quarter Sydney. Spanning 150 metres and powered by 100% renewable energy generated by solar panels affixed to the roof, Luminous offers the precinct a radiant, breathtaking permanent backdrop.

Using touch screen kiosks located at the site, or a smart-phone app, visitors can play games on the facade in real time, make visual music and unique paintings with light. A website for Luminous also allows users to design a light show from home.

“It is setting an international benchmark in urban digital innovation.”
Wall Street Journal (2012)

Date – 2012
Client – Lend Lease Development
Artistic Direction – Ramus
Lighting Design– Ramus/Lend Lease
Commissioning & Programming – Ramus
Interactivity Design & Production – Ramus/Iion
Lighting Manufacturer – Klik Systems
Photography – Robin Thompson

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