Playing with our perception of what makes a video screen; 17, 12 metre palm trees have been transformed into a huge 3D digital screen at the entrance of Jupiters Gold Coast Casino. Thousands of lights were wrapped around the trees to illuminate a 20 metre wide by 10 metre high beautiful organic moving light installation to delight guests on their arrival and departure.
The complex lighting technology pixel-maps individual LED nodes, which are programmed and then rendered to video files. Bespoke multi-node mapping software allows for a 2D video signal image to accurately map to pixels within an organically shaped 3D environment. Stowe Australia, in conjunction with Xenian brought the vision to life.  A mammoth 2600 man hours and 10 kilometers of electrical cabling went into this unique installation.
A new streamlined control system lowers power consumption and significantly reduces operating costs and carbon emissions. The average lifespan of each light is expected to last decades, while every measure possible was taken to ensure the installation had no impact on the wellbeing of the trees.



Date – 2016
Client – Jupiters Gold Coast
Lighting Design Team – Ramus
Design/Creative Direction – Bruce Ramus
Programmer  – Toby Kynvett
Software Development – David Hayes
Lighting Supply – Xenian
Electrical Contractor – Stowe Australia
Photography – Ramus, Jupiters Gold Coast, Dean Whitling

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