Daintree, Jade Oakley

The Jade Oakley sculpture introduces an organic kinetic form that brings new life and energy to the Westfield Miranda Shopping Plaza. Working in collaboration with the artist, the Ramus lighting component was designed to support that life and energy, flowing with the sculpture, and accenting the vines, the crosspieces and the leaves themselves.

The lights are lightweight, flexible and bright, and are addressable to individually allow us to animate the sculpture, creating a sense of raindrops trickling down the vine, feeding the sculpture and bringing it to life.

Utilising the full-colour spectrum of the fixture subtly shifts the palette through the day to warmer or cooler hues, reflecting the seasonal changes.

Pre-programmed content and colour changes help to animate the sculpture and this colour and movement brings a sparkle to the piece that is visible both day and night.

Date – 2015
Client – Westfield
Concept Design – Jade Oakley
Lighting Design – Ramus
Programming – Ramus
Lights – Xenian
Photography – Carolyn Price, Ramus

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