Helix Tree, Federation Square

Inspired by the naturally occurring shape of the helix, this steel and LED based interactive sculpture was the second major commission by Ramus for The Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square. Standing 13 metres high and spanning 17 metres wide with each of its 21 steel branches illuminated by a strand of LED neon, The Helix Tree lit up in response to the volume and pitch of the human voice. Each evening a succession of Melbourne choirs sang the tree to life, and as part of the public program, visitors to the Square were able to sing to the tree and create their own light displays.


Date – 2013
Client – Federation Square
Concept Design – Ramus
Lighting Design – Ramus
Interactivity & Content Creation – Ramus
Project Management – Ramus
Fabrication – Universal Manufacturing Australia
Installation – Revolution Staging
Photography – David Simmonds

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