Central Park Mall Digital Interactive Wall

This was Ramus’ first high-resolution indoor interactive piece. Our intention was to create a high-resolution environment for a Central Park Mall that would engage passers-by without being visually imposing.

The Digital Wall is a 15m x 3m LED screen curtain and was the largest permanently installed interactive system in a shopping centre at the time.

Ramus provided a suite of bespoke videos, animations, and interactive video games to be displayed at various times. To create a genuine real time connection with the public we produced an interactive system to capture the visitor movement data, which was then reflected through generative visual content.

To encourage broader creative contributions the Curatorial Community Engagement program the 7mm Pitch was developed. It provides a sustainable source of rich interactive content from artists and Universities, creating a digital art gallery and a unique shopping experience for the public.

Date – 2013
Client – Frasers/BMF
Concept Design – Ramus
LED Screen – Big Screen Projects
Specialist Fabrication – Thomas Creative
Interactivity – Ramus, 139Prime & Current Circus
AV install – Vision X & Commercial AV
Content – Ramus
Photography – Peter Bennetts

7mm Pitch 2014/15 contributors

Artists –
We Buy your Kids
Marina Zurkow
Jonny Wan
Kate Mitchell

Universities –
University of Sydney
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
University of New South Wales (UNSW)

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