Café Sydney

For the Cafe Sydney project, Ramus took a pre-existing, poorly functioning, low-resolution display and resolved its technical and creative challenges to transform it into a significant business asset.

Designing and producing 15 twenty-minute abstract and ambient sequences, we created an atmosphere and visual mood that enhances the space, creating a gentle movement and sense of life, without disrupting or disturbing the energy of the space.

The screen is a 65-pixel high, diffused LED matrix, which if covered by a two-way mirror, works well through the daytime hours becoming animate only after dusk.


Date – 2015
Client – Café Sydney
Content Curation – Ramus
Animators – Bruce Ramus, Ben Hurt, Luke Mills, Su-An Ng, Michael Mascarenas,
Editor – Simon Von Wolkenstein
Photography – Ramus

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